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Atwood Consulting Group is a management consulting and outsourcing company offering a wide range of business services.   We work with companies to understand their unique business needs and develop and implement practical strategic and technological solutions.   We approach every project as a unique undertaken, but follow with a tried and tested methodology.   Each project is organized into distinct phases, with broad issues broken down into discrete analyses and measurable tasks.   Our highly qualified lead consultants are recognized PMP and/or Master Certificate in Project Management, with over 15 years of experience in various industries.   Atwood strives to provide customers with access to world-renowned education, diverse multinational experience and an innovative entrepreneurial view.
Company History
Atwood has been providing consulting services for over 10 years. First, as Atwood Design Group from 1992 – 2000 and as Atwood Consulting Group Ltd since 2007.
Atwood management consulting services provide a diverse combination of skills and industry background including complex experience in industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Government, Telecommunications, Pulp and Paper, Energy, Engineering, Construction, Entertainment, Sports and Non Profit.
Atwood’s leadership helps client achieve their goals by offering an innovative and diverse outlook backed by an alumni network of over 84,000 people throughout more than 100 countries.
The "Atwood" Advantage
World-Renowned Education:
  Wharton Business School, Philadelphia, United States
  Ranked No. 1 MBA in the world for 10 years - Financial Times
  Ranked No. 1 US Business School - Business Week
  Superior Support System accessible through Wharton’s Global Alumni Network of over 84,000
Successful international Management Experience and Education
Innovative and Effective Solutions
Enhanced Communication Skills
Proven Optimization Results
Beneficial Diversity
PMP Certification
Small Business Flexibility
Reliable Track Record
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